recognises notifies and uploads the images and videos

It’s very easy

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store & play any thing

store pictures, videos, movies, certificate scan copies, share it , download videos from youtube and bit torrents

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Start the Day
the Smart

A normal morning for Lee, Harini and Anisha…
  • Wake up

    Lee has setup a Google calendar scheduled to wake him up ready for work, the trigger to start the wake up mode in SmartLiving

    Triggered by SmartLiving Wake-up mode

  • What to wear

    Harini checks the weather forecast so she knows what to wear

    Available from her Personal Assistant

  • Breakfast time

    Turn on the coffee machine and radio downstairs

    Triggered by SmartLiving Wake up mode

  • Lights on!

    Lights go on in Anisha room, time to wake up for school!

    Triggered by School Calendar

  • Bye Anisha

    Anisha leaves for school. SmartLiving makes sure Anisha rooms lights are off

    Triggered by School Geotrigger

  • Off to work

    Harini and LEE leave for work

  • Save energy

    With an empty home, SmartLiving lowers the temperature and turns off any appliances

    Triggered by Work Geotrigger

  • Peace of mind

    Harini receives a message on her smart phone when Anisha is safe at school

    Action by Notification service

What Sensor you wanna control?

Wall plug

Flood Sensor

Smoke Sensor

Motion Sensor

Door/Window sensor

RGB Module


Relay Switch

Double Relay Switch

Roller Shutter

Wall Thermostat

Radiator Thermostat


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What is

Live Home Automation?

A next-gen home automation solution built for the Internet of Things Era.

A cloud platform with built-in intelligence, which connects the Smart devices of today and tomorrow, letting them talk and work in sync and take autonomous decisions, to save time and conserve energy for a better world.

How it works

Bringing the

Live Home Automation

to you

Automate your home, remote control devices or check in to make sure your home is ok. Simple and with none of the limitations of existing home automation systems.

You don't need to be a Tech Wiz Kid or demolish walls to build your own Smart Home.

it the way
you want

Pick and mix the apps to run your Smart Home, as easily as installing apps on your smartphone.

Device Apps

Configure Device Apps for extra functionality and automation with your Smart device, giving you a simple control panel to tweak in line with your needs.

Theme Apps

Theme Apps give you extra features for green living, peace of mind, protection and many more to suit your lifestyle.

Geotrigger Notification Services Calendar Services


Trigger automation when you, your family or your belongings enter or leave an area.

Together with Smart Devices and Intelligent Services, you can make sure your Smart Home gets ready for your return from work, by raising the temperature, opening the garage, switching on lights and preparing for you to relax.

Simple Updates, Alerts and Warnings

Send messages to your Smart Phone, sound an alarm in your home or hear spoken messages.

Get notified when something urgent needs your attention, such as a flood in your home, smoke detection or just a simple alert about your energy consumption.

Trigger devices based on your Calendar.

Automate anything around your calender or schedule.

Programming your thermostat, can be annoying. Be smart, use a familiar and easy to use calendar as a schedule.

Our Services

Home automation

Installation is completed in less than 15 mins/room and start controlling now.

Media Server

store images, videos, movies , scan copies of all certificates,bills, warranty , registration documents, data password protected, share the data anywhere in world, real time synchronise from desktop pc and android mobiles.

cctv face recognition

recognises and unrecognised faces are stored and uploaded to email, sms , face book, whats app and twitter updates.